On July 29, 1848, a police force of 46 under the leadership of Thomas Trant approached Ballingarry, where the local population had erected barricades to prevent the arrest of the rebels. The police force marched in the direction of The Commons but were waylaid by Irish revolutionaries. The police retreated to the Widow McCormack’s house where they barricaded themselves inside with the widow’s children. O’Brien tried to negotiate, because burning the house down or other violent means to force the police out were impossible. When a stone was thrown against the house, the police inside opened fire. The incident ended within fifteen minutes. The police was better equipped than the Irish soldiers and reinforcements ended all possibilities of success. The uprising had failed after only six days.

Image: "The Affray at the Widow McCormack's House, at Boulagh Common.” London Illustrated News. 1848.