The growing decent within the Catholic Association raised the perception among the members of the Young Ireland movement that they needed an outlet to voice their opposition. On October 15, 1842, Dillon, Duffy, and Thomas published the first edition of a new Irish nationalist newspaper, The Nation. Their goal was to perpetuate and spread the notion of an Irish nation oppressed by British rule. The editorial staff grew in 1845 when the outspoken John Mitchel joined. Mitchel’s articles called for violence and preparation for a fight by getting the necessary weapons. Mitchel’s outspoken articles drew the attention of the British authorities. With chief editor Duffy facing the British wrath, The Nation decided to cut Mitchel lose. The paper remained the voice of the Irish repeal movement to demand the restoration of the Irish parliament to Dublin and an increased autonomy from Great Britain. Eventually, the paper also voiced calls for independence.

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