Cemeteries began to spring up around the major battlefields of Europe to both honor the dead, but also to find a designated spot to bury their remains. During the anguish of battle, many soldiers buried the dead in mass-graves, solely to move their bodies away from the action  to respect their bodies, but also before disease made life more difficult for those stuck in trenches. By the end of the war, nations created various organizations to repatriate bodies and properly bury them in a honorable way they deserve. Organizations like the American Battle Monument Commission or the Commonwealth War Graves Commission took the task of creating beautiful cemeteries near the spot where most of the men perished. The majority of the cemeteries honoring the dead from the Entente, display a wonderful landscape, with massive monuments, luscious horticultural space, and presteigne space for loved ones or comrades to reflect in peace.  

By John R. Legg