I am a historian of the American Civil War era. My interests extend into Nineteenth Century U.S. Diplomatic history, Nineteenth Century European history, Atlantic World history, transnational history, and most recently Public History. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I also completed my Master’s of Arts in History. Dr. Daniel Sutherland at the University of Arkansas directed my dissertation in completion of the Ph.D.

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Civil War History Trade Data

Available on this page are the trade statistics I have use to prepare

“North Atlantic Trade in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: A Case For Peace during the American Civil War” 



College on the Move

Study Abroad programs provide students with unique insights into another country’s culture, society, history, art, and way of life. Study Abroad programs are intended to broaden a student’s perspective and present them with life-changing experiences. The same idea underlies the College on the Move – Living History Tour program. We explore a region’s rich history and culture in a hands-on fashion. We gain valuable insights into historic ways of life by visiting the places where people actually resided. We will gain a better understanding for military campaigns and battles by visiting battlefields. The overall goal is to make history a livable experience that goes beyond book learning and class lectures.

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Civil War Macon

Macon was a cornerstone of the Confederacy’s military-industrial complex. As a transportation hub, the city supplied weapons to the Confederacy, making it a target once the Union pushed into Georgia in 1864. In the course of the war’s last year, Macon faced three separate cavalry assaults. The battles were small in the grand scheme but salient for the combatants and townspeople. Once the war concluded, it was from Macon that cavalry struck out to capture the fugitive Jefferson Davis, allowing the city to witness one of the last chapters of the conflict. Author Niels Eichhorn brings together the first comprehensive analysis of the military engagements and battles in Middle Georgia.

Macon Mapping Project